About Me

I was born and raised in rural Minnesota, about an hour southwest of the Twin Cities. I’ve always displayed a natural thirst for knowledge, especially about music, mathematics, and computing, and my parents encouraged the pursuit of education both in and out of the classroom. Living in the country provided opportunities to learn about carpentry (my dad was a hobbyist cabinetmaker, and we also had to do a lot of upkeep on the property) and the outdoors with the Boy Scouts.

My family moved to Michigan in 2005. I completed my Eagle Scout Service Project in 2008, which reintroduced bluebirds to my local county for the first time in over twenty years. I attended Trine University, originally as a Mechanical Engineer. When I realized I was much more passionate about the programming and machine control than by the finished products, I switched to Computer Engineering. My Senior Design project, the construction and programming of a large autonomous vehicle, involved my skills in both disciplines.

In addition to my academic and technical pursuits, I also greatly enjoy music and aquatics. I began learning piano when I was six, and added the trumpet and French horn in middle and high school, respectively. I’ve played in my school bands for ten years and would like to continue in a community orchestra wherever I wind up. I have been a strong swimmer all my life, and became a Red Cross lifeguard at 14. My passion for aquatic safety has led me to become a BSA lifeguard and PADI Rescue Diver, and I have employed these skills as the aquatics director at a local Boy Scout camp. During my time at Rota-Kiwan, I received excellent reviews and maintained a strong safety record.

I am deeply passionate about achieving safety in risky environments through familiarity, competence, and assistance. I aim to make delivery of such safety benefits a primary goal of my career and personal life.

Personal Life

As I am one of the few young, unmarried, engineers at my company, I have found myself receiving the travel assignments that my coworkers’ families don’t want to bear. As such, I moved from Michigan to Utah to start my job and then, eighteen months later, transferred to Albuquerque. I expect to be moved at least twice more in the next five years as my career and our work grow.

I served as an assistant scoutmaster for Troop 1 while I lived in Logan, Utah, and I hope to resume that post upon my eventual return. I am not sure how involved in Scouting I will be while on my travel rotation. As I am not LDS or a university student, my options for in-person socializing are significantly curtailed.

I am very excited about all the new geography to explore around me, as well as the multitude of national parks near by. So far I’ve only been to Arches, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton National Parks, but I am far too Boy Scout to hold out on all the rest for long.

Career Goals

I’m almost two years into my first job at Space Dynamics Laboratory, and I’m very happy with both the work I’m doing and the company culture there. I currently don’t have any plans to search for new jobs or move away from wherever SDL has me stationed.

I am interested in the Rust programming language for its memory safety and performance characteristics, both of which are rather important in aerospace work. Rust isn’t quite ready to displace C/C++ in flight software, as it uses LLVM, which has fewer targets than GCC, and it is not yet readily integrable with build systems like CMake.

I’d like to start getting Rust’s foot in the door in my workplace, including if necessary (and possible for me to do…) contributing to Rust in areas that we identify it as needing work.