oeuvre myrrlyn

I’ve been writing in the Elder Scrolls universe since the fall or so of 2012. I started out in the Tamriel Scholars’ Guild roleplaying group on reddit, though I believe it’s long since defunct. I’m not sure if the subreddit is accessible anymore; my own posts and comments aren’t deleted if for some ungodly reason you want to trawl my profile for them.

I think I’m batting close to a thousand on my /r/teslore posts being listed in their Compendium. Anyting of mine not in there probably isn’t worth reading, in all honesty.

The magic of having my own website means I get to present my texts as I please. To that end, here’s everything I’m hosting, sorted by date of publication. The nav section (right on desktop, down on mobile) is sorted alphabetically by tags.

  1. Orsinium and the Orcs – After the Warp in the West
  2. Conjecture on the Codes of Malacath
  3. Orcish Naming Customs
  4. Souls and Arkay’s Shadow
  5. On Orsimeri Family Life
  6. The Stone of Snow-Throat
  7. Aurbis: The Musical
  8. Aurbis 2: Colorful Boogaloo
  9. A Bedtime Story About the Elves
  10. The Numidiad
  11. Analyzing the ja-Kha’jay
  12. Further Conjecture on the ja-Kha’jay
  13. Mortal
  14. Cities of Tamriel: Orsinium
  15. Anchors Aweigh
  16. An Introductory Report on the Orcish Language
  17. Orcish Colonies of the Iliac Hinterlands
  18. The Words of Oztrakos
  19. Conversations with Daedric Artifacts, Volume II: Volendrung and Scourge
  20. “Why Didn’t the Orc Cross the Road?”
  21. The Birth of Savages
  22. Rite Makes Might
  23. Triadic Spirituality in Skyrim